Water Soluble Heat Sealable Packaging Film Roll 6.29″

Introducing our premium Flow Wrapper Film Roll, an innovative water-soluble solution designed for eco-friendly packaging needs. With a roll width of 6.29 inches and an impressive length of 1640 feet, this film roll is perfect for various packaging applications. Its 1.37 mil thickness ensures durability while maintaining the ability to dissolve in water, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packaging. The film is clear, allowing the contents within to be easily displayed, and is made from a single layer of water-soluble material, ensuring it breaks down without leaving harmful residues. Ideal for businesses seeking environmentally conscious packaging options, this film roll comes with a standard 3-inch core size, making it compatible with most flow wrapping machines. Embrace the future of packaging with our water-soluble film roll, designed to meet the demands of modern, eco-aware consumers.

Water Soluble Roll Stock
Roll Width: 6.29″
Roll Length: 1640′
Thickness: 1.37 Mil
Color: Clear
Material: Single Layer Water Soluble
Core Size: 3″